Centre has pulled up Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy and advised him against making any political or any other statements which is not in keeping with his gubernatorial post.

According to Home Ministry sources, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has called up the Governor in Shillong and suggested that he should refrain from making political statements.

The Centre’s advice is the third in a series of such advisories, the Governor received from the Union Home Ministry.

Governor Roy is known to stir a controversy with his outpourings in the social media, particularly twitter that does not go well with his gubernatorial position. He had put a ‘polarising’ post against Kashmiris following the Pulwama attack.

Home Ministry sources said that Singh had called up the Governor to express concern over his February 19 tweet endorsing the boycott of “everything Kashmiri” which went viral on social media.

Roy re-tweeted: “I am inclined to agree…” to a tweet which was read: “An appeal from a retired colonel of the Indian Army: Don’t visit Kashmir, don’t go to Amarnath for the next 2 years. Don’t buy articles from the Kashmir emporia or Kashmir tradesman who come every winter. Boycott everything Kashmiri”.

Singh reportedly advised Roy twice in the past to stop making infuriating online comments. Though governors are supposed to desist from taking a public posture on political issues, Roy continues to tweet and retweet ideological posts.


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