Ground rescue team sent to retrieve bodies of AN-32 victims stuck at crash site

The rescue team that had retrieved all the 13 bodies of Indian Air Force personnel who died in the ill fated AN-32 aircraft crash in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, is now fighting its own battle of survival.

It’s been 17 days since the 12-member rescue team that was air dropped on June 12 are still stuck at the wreckage site.

Owing to inclement weather, the Indian Air Force has not been able to bring the rescue team back home. The team includes nine Air Force personnel, one Everester, Taka Tamut and two local hunters.

Tamut and his two associates, the hunters are from Shi Yomi district who were deputed by the authorities to guide the rescue party on foot to the wreckage site to recover the bodies in case the weather continues to be bad.

Indian Air Force officials told Northeast Live, that the IAF is concerned about the situation. The Air Force is exploring all possibilities to air lift the rescue team. The satellite phone in possession of the team is still working. IAF is hoping that the weather would clear up. So far the weather condition is not conducive to airlift the team.

The AN-32 aircraft had crashed on June 3 while en route to Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh from Jorhat in Assam. All 13 IAF personnel on board the ill-fated aircraft died in the crash.

Sources within the Air Force are also estimating that the food supplies might run out by tomorrow for the rescue team. In such a scenario, the team may be forced to begin their trek back home.

The rescue team had retrieved the 13 bodies within five days of being air dropped at the crash site, but since then they have themselves been stuck at the place.


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